Founders KBS Held Hostage in VA — DAY 43

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Beer Review, Uncategorized

For those of you interested in the continuing travails of Founders KBS in Virginia, here is the “real scoop” as provided by Founders Brewing Co. President Mike Stevens, posted to Beer Advocate on April 22:

“We had made a label change on KBS that forced us to re-submit for label approval at the federal level. Our first attempt for approval was denied and we had to make further changes. Those changes have been made and re-submitted yet again. The delay has been at the fed level and not the state. We have hired an attorney in DC to help expidite this approval and expect we should see that approval with in 1-2 weeks. After this we need to submit it to VA for acceptance. I am not worried about any delay at the state level as the state simply approves all submittals that have been approved by the feds so this turn around is literally days. My hope is that KBS can be released for sale in the next 2-4 weeks. Sorry for the delay and hopfully we can fix this problem quickly.

Mike Stevens
Founders Brewing Co.”


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