About The Beermudgeon

A little about me: I’m Jon Brandt, a native Midwesterner who’s lived in the Washington, D.C., area since January 1993. A trained and former working journalist, I spent more than a dozen years as a press secretary on Capitol Hill before tiring of the political world entirely. I then enrolled in cooking school, graduated at the top of my class and worked in the kitchen of a well-respected Capitol Hill restaurant before realizing that being the 40-plus-year-old father of a then-infant wasn’t really meshing well with the schedule and demands of being a line cook.




While in school, I also worked part-time at an Arlington, Va., wine shop where the owner encouraged her staff to become well-versed in wine knowledge, through the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) program though the Society of Wine Educators. She also gave me the opportunity to manage the store’s small-but-respectable beer department as a part-timer. Then, I was given the opportunity to take a full-time job as beer manager at another wine shop, this one in Alexandria, Va., where I managed an inventory of more than 400 brands of beer and curated and led weekly Saturday (and sometimes Friday) beer tastings, which I (perhaps immodestly) consider to have been the single-best free beer-tasting opportunity in the Metropolitan DC area. Sadly, that shop – Rick’s Wine & Gourmet – closed on Dec. 31, 2012, for a variety of reasons which are not worth discussing.


Positively for me and my family, I was offered a job as a salesman for the area’s top craft-centric beer distributor in August 2012, where I continue today. However, after some personal consideration, I determined that continuing this blog would be at cross-purposes with my new job. I did not want to be accused of positively flacking only for brands that my company carried, or even worse, deterred from commenting negatively against some of those same brands (or commenting positively for rival brands). This was a decision I came to on my own; no one at my company asked or required me to suspend my blog. Will/should I stay away forever? We’ll see.


So, I love beer, food and wine — probably in that order. And I know about politics and the media. There’s already a lot of people out there writing about those things, so does the world need another blog from me? Maybe not, but we’ll see if I can add a new perspective on things.


UPDATED AUGUST 17, 2014 (updated material in italics)

  1. Chris LaGrand says:

    Cool blog Herr Brandt.

    I was at RFD just a couple of weeks ago while in DC for a trial.

    I will return in late May for a conference.

    Good luck on your blogging endeavors.


  2. Alec Rogers says:

    Looking forward to your using your journalism training + passionate POVs for “good.”

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